Friday, December 9, 2011

End of Year Musings

I have been very bad about updating the blog.  Since my last post, we have finished a very successful year in the ring and are eagerly looking forward to 2012.  We now have 2 new Champions and a Bronze level Grand Champion.  Cristal and Captain Jack have finished their Championships in fine style with Cristal already well on her way to her Grand Championship and Captain Jack earning a nice breed win during his finishing weekend.  Phantom earned his Bronze level Grand Champion and finished the year on a hot streak, winning Best of Breed in 5 out of 7 trips to the ring in his last three shows.  Now all the kids get to relax, enjoy some down time with the family, play in the snow, and, at least in the Pirates' case, experience their first Christmas, and their first birthday. 
Speaking of Christmas, the Pirates have already hoisted their colors over the Christmas presents that are in the house...

And have tried unwraping pretty much everything they can get their teeth into!  Did you know you can peel a cardboard box like an onion??  We didn't, but we do now!!! LOL

Everyone have a Happy Holiday and we wish you all a wonderful New Year!  We hope to see you all in or by the ring in 2012!!

Wags and Woofs!

Rus, Sherilyn, Bekka, and the Winjammin' Corgis:
Duchess, Ruby, Phantom, Emmy, Cristal, Captain Jack, Calypso, and Angel

Monday, October 3, 2011

Belated Captain Jack Sighting and Barkdays

I've been a bad blogger and news reporter when it comes to the pirates and their (somewhat) less rowdy housemates. 

Back over Labor Day weekend, Captain Jack struck again, this time in Amana, IA, winning Winner's Dog 3 out of 4 days, Best Bred By Exhibitor, Best of Breed Puppy, and a Puppy Group 4.  He took home a stack full of ribbons that he could have decorated the whole back wall of his crate. LOL  He still has a lot of growing and filling out to do, but he thinks the dog shows are fun and his attitude is really starting to show.

Emmy moved out of our house and in with her junior handler, Paige, to work on their chemistry in the ring.  They have been showing well together, but as many of us know, the better the chemistry, the more successful you will be!  From all reports so far, they are both having a ball, and we are excited to see them in a few weeks at the Lincoln show.

Duchess smelling fall
We are also celebrating 3 barkdays this week.  Duchess, our token bunny butt Pem, turns a grandmotherly 9!  She was our first Corgi, a rescue, and is queen of all she surveys.  She only comes down off her throne (the couch) when she deems the Cardigans are getting too rowdy.  Once she gets up, they ALL scatter and stay out of her way!! LOL  And heaven forbid the hoomans try to keep her loud mouth quiet!!  She takes mouthing off and back talking to an art form!!  Just ask her, she'll tell ya!!! LOL  Happy Birthday Roo!!!!

Ruby loves to smile

Ruby is the next barkday, and she turns 7.  Another one who doesn't act her age, she constantly runs and keeps Phantom and Cristal in shape.  Her main job has always been to keep the show dogs in shape by going for walks at a brutal pace for the lazier ones in the house.  She sets her pace early on and, like a metronome, never breaks her stride.  You could almost say she's the Jillian Michaels of our house ;o)  Happy Birthday Ruby-Doo!!!

Cristal is all ears!
And finally we have the baby adult, Cristal, Ruby's daughter, who turns 3.  The Diva of the house, she thinks she is never supposed to be crated when hoomans are home, and throws a fit when she knows we are.  She always thinks she's special....kind of Paris Hilton qualities in this one, and yes, she turns into a TOTAL hussy when she's in season....even to the point of tormenting the boys when they are crated and she isn't!!!!  LOL  It's taken her a long time to grow up, but now she's blossoming into a beautiful young lady and she catches everyone's eye, no matter where she goes.  Happy Birthday Krissy!!!

Pirate mutiny!!!  Angel giving Jack a whack upside the head!
Oh, and not to be forgotten (as if!), the pirates turn a rambunctious 10 months old in a little more than a week.  The older they get, the bigger they get, the rougher they get!! LOL  We had to barricade the front of our fireplace with probably 15 doggie pillows to prevent them from cracking their skulls on the hearth.  Now they think it's fun to take a flying leap (!) into the pillows and bounce off.  I wish I could figure out a way to video the carnage, but all the angles are wrong and all you would see is three blurs.  And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water....or walk across the living room...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Head Pirate Pillages MN Lake City

Word has gotten out from Albert Lea, MN that notorious pirate Winjammin's Captain Jack Sparrow raided this peaceful lakefront city on Saturday.  He strode into town with his characteristic devil-may-care attitude and brought his charm to bear on the female population.  Kissing the ladies, Jack strode away with the following awards: Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, a Best of Breed Puppy, and a Herding Puppy Group 3rd.  All awards were taken in partnership with a co-conspirator.

Until now, his description has been vague...usually descriptive words such as "cute as a button", or "charming and adorable" have been used.  However, a photo has come to light, so now authorities have some concrete evidence to go on. 

Please remember to contact authorities if you see this notorious brigand, and not be taken in by his many charms!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News Flash - Pirates Stage Raid on Missouri River Port

There have been reports of pirates raiding the Missouri River port of Omaha, NE during the course of the weekend. None of the raids were large, however any raids are significant due to all of the flooding woes in the area.

According to eyewitness accounts, 5 pirates were seen in the area of the Qwest Center, stealing ribbons and charming spectators. Information suggests that leading the group is a young man named Winjammin's Captain Jack Sparrow, and was responsible for sacking the dog show ring of a Winner's Dog award on Saturday. Also in the same vicinity were his accomplices, Winjammin's Flying Dragon (known alias of Angel) and Westwind's Greed of the Captain Winjammin (known alias is Charm), although their efforts were foiled by authorities.

In a separate but related raid on the same location, a woman known as "Momma Pirate" (known aliases are Emmy or Ch Camelot's Maiden Voyage) staged two daring raids in two separate locations in two separate days. She appeared among a group of Juniors, relieving the judge of a third place award on Saturday, and then on Sunday, she staged what was perhaps the most daring event of the entire weekend, running off with another third place award, followed just a few short minutes later with a prestigious Grand Champion Select award from another judge.

Both of these raids were successfully accomplished by employing a 5th pirate creating a distraction, so that all authorities were looking in the wrong direction. This fifth member of the raid was called by the name "Calypso" (known alias Winjammin's Goddess of Deception) and had placed a "spell" of some sort over everyone she came across.

All of the brigands escaped capture with a parting call of "Surrender the Booty!" sounded by Captain Jack.

If anyone has any more information about this band of cutthroats, please notify authorities or this author.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Pirates Set Sail

ARRRRRRRRRRR.....there be Pirates about!!!!

Three Pirates set sail on their maiden voyage this past weekend in Ft. Dodge, IA and also in Greys Lake, IL.
On Friday, Miss Swan, or Camelot's Black Swan was the first to plunder the spoils, winning the first point in her career and also going on to win Best of Breed and a Puppy Group 3 in IL!!

Then, in IA, Angel, or Winjammin's Flying Dragon, was Winner's Bitch both days and showed well, but the point was in boys and even though she didn't get a point, she made her presence felt. Captain Jack, or Winjammin's Captain Jack Sparrow was next to pillage the ring on Sunday by winning the point and beating sister Angel for Best of Winners and almost upsetting his Uncle Phantom for Best of Breed!!!!

Not to be outdone, Momma Pirate, Emmy, CH Camelot's Maiden Voyage, was Best of Opposite Sex both days in IA, and also was third in a very tough Open Intermediate Juniors class. Paige and Emmy are quite the team and they just keep pouring it on every time they get in the ring.

Three more Pirates have yet to weigh anchor, so be on the lookout in the Midwest!!

Aye, there definitely be Pirates about...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 4 Months to the Pirates!!

It's hard to believe but the pirates are 4 months old today! It seems like only yesterday they were these cute little babies squawking at their mom for a meal. Now they are rampaging through their respective houses and charming everyone they meet. The main thing they say now is, "SURRENDER THE BOOTY!!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emmy's Emmettes Are Here!!!!

The Emmettes have arrived!! Emmy delivered 6 healthy and happy babies the other day. This was her first litter, and since it had been 2 years since our last one, Ruby's wine litter, we were very nervous as to how it would go. Well, Emmy is a trooper and a half, all 6 babies were free whelped in 4 hours and 50 minutes, and the breakout is 2 black and white girls, 2 blue merle girls, and 2 blue merle boys. The runt was 10.3 ounces and the largest pup, the last to be delivered, was 13.2 ounces. All are eating well, and weights are steady to increasing, with two already putting on a half ounce or more in the first 24 hours. Holy cow are they vocal (very clear growls and barks) and ACTIVE!! Emmy is having a hard time corralling them in one place at times. Two have already taken little puppy spins around the whelping box, and God forbid one gets stepped on by a sibling when bellying up to the mom-bar...what a racket!!!! BARK BARK!!! Get off my head!!! LOL!! And poor Emmy just lays her head down, closes her eyes and deals with it. What a super mom!!!

We're still working on names, but we have themed the litter. Since mom is Ch Camelot's Maiden Voyage, and dad is Ch Camelot's Oh Captain My Captain, we decided to theme the litter....PIRATES!!! Yup, Emmy already celebrates "Talk like a Pirate Day" most of the year as it is, with her speaking with an "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" most of the time, so this was a perfect fit. So, if you have a suggestion, please post in the comments. The hard part is not reusing a name that another Cardi already has...

And now, here are the 6, basking in all their post meal glory: