Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Girls Barkday

It has been a week of barkdays for us. Yesterday was Duchess' 7th and tomorrow is Ruby's 5th. We lovingly call this pair the "challenge pair" as they each have their own challenges that we have had to work through.

Ruby was our first Cardigan. She came out right at 6 months and picked up points left and right. Then, she was jumped ringside by a Boxer at 9 months of age. She never came out of it, and she will never walk back into a show ring again. It took us years to get her to even be able to set foot inside a building where there is a dog show going on. With much work, however, she is now able to go into a show site, and walk straight as an arrow to her crate without freaking out. She pretty much ignores any other dog that is in her way. We were also fortunate enough get her International Conformation Championship and her Canine Good Citizen during her recovery process. She has had her one and only litter, the wine litter, and now spends her time exercising all of the show dogs. We take them for a walk and she sets the pace for them to follow....and MAN what a pace it is!!! She gets into her gate and goes solid for 3 miles without breaking stride. By the time they are done, the show dogs are pooped and Ruby is ready to go again. Too bad her humans aren't!! Happy 5th Ruby-Doo!!

Duchess is our rescue Pembroke and is Queen of all she surveys. We acquired her when she was 8 weeks old and has been our constant companion ever since. Ever one to tell you what she thinks and then reiterate the same opinion, just to make sure you got it the first time, she is loved by all who meet her. She also had a rough start, primarily due to her tendency for urinary tract infections. She has been on special food to combat this problem for years. Her weight ballooned up to around 30lbs. After years of hard work and cutting back her food intake, she is now down to a very svelte 24.5lbs, and looks better than she has since she was 2. Before, she would lay on the couch, grumble at the other dogs, but not do much of anything else. Although, if she got off her throne, the other dogs ran in the opposite direction, as no one wanted to feel her wrath!! Now, she is constantly on the go, playing fetch, wrestling with the younger dogs, playing chase, and generally being the wonderful Pembroke she is. None of the others still mess with her, except Ransom, but then again, we think he's either got a wire crossed upstairs or, as the saying goes, "he just ain't that bright". hehe Happy 7th Duchess!!! Long Live the Queen!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

By Popular Demand...

Here are the kids each at roughly a year old. Please stop back often, as we will be editing this post as we get updated photos of everyone.

Lucy (aka Shiraz):

Kiki (aka Chianti):



Wine Litter Turns One Year Old

That's right, the "Wine Litter" turns 1 today! Cristal and Merlot are "aging well" and coming right along in the show ring. Lucy (aka Shiraz), Zen (aka Zin), Porter (aka Port), and Kiki (aka Chianti) are currently charming the socks off their owners and owning the couches in their respective homes.

It's hard to believe that they are one year old already. It seems like just yesterday they looked like this: