Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to All!

Rus, Sherilyn, Bekka and all the Corgis at Winjammin' would like to wish everyone has a very Happy and Safe New Year! We hope to see you at a show in the near to believe!

Take care and stay warm! Hugs to all!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bear Has A New Job

First of all, we hope that everyone had a Safe and Happy Holiday and got everything they asked for. We had a great weekend, all the more so because it was nice to stay home and spend it with all the kids. Port also set out for his forever home yesterday with his new mom, Christy Collins. She will teach him the ins and outs of being a show dog and he'll teach her new ways to terrorize Tibbies and Cresteds, I'm sure! Good luck with the little man Christy!

Now we come to the topic of today's post. Bear seems to have taken it upon himself to be the house guard dog, while he is outside. Yes, we have other guard dogs...namely Duchess, Phantom and Ruby. But Bear has taken this to a whole other level. He sees another dog, he barks. He sees another person, he barks. He sees another squirrel, he barks. He sees another LEAF, he barks. Now let me illustrate just how this barking sounds. It's not just abark, bark, bark, like most dogs. It's more of the ALERT!!! THAT LEAF IS A MUTANT AND IS GOING TO DESTROY THE HOUSE!!! I'LL HOLD IT OFF WHILE YOU RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! You get the idea. It's lovely at 630am on a wekend holiday morning...NOT. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it...NOT.

Now, I wrote earlier about his big boy bark and it's still there, except now it's getting deeper as he's growing up. He actually has a lower voice than Phantom and I think his volume control has been eaten by Ransom. He used to have one, I swear he did. He used to have this little girly shrill bark that wasn't too loud. Not anymore. He sounds like a combination of mom Marg and his half-brother Russ....through a megaphone, onto a PA system, into an empty arena!!!

Anywhoo, I digress. Bear feels as if the whole world will end if he isn't the first one to confront a guest or any walker who happens to walk past. If we're out at Petsmart or anything like that, he "protects" mom and dad as if his life depends on it....well, until you wave a cookie in front of his face, then all bets are off. Some protection he is. I see Ransom has had some influence on him again...

This coming weekend at the dog show in St. Paul, MN ought to be a real joy. I can see us trying to walk him to the rings while he yells at everyone and everydog to keep out of his way, because he's so big and bad (not), us trying to wave a cookie in his face to keep him quiet, Ransom trying to steal said cookie because as he will readily tell you...he hasn't eaten in at least an hour, and last but not least, Emmy prancing serenely is if the world should bow down to her and kiss her feet. Yes, this will be the routine for all 3 days of show, as the Cardis and Pems have the same ringtimes. Oh fun!

Now if we can just get Bear to realize that the other dog in his ring is his littermate, who he liked...

Cindy, I see your Merlot issue and raise you Bear.... ;o)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Game...Thanks Kim and Joy!!

Kim and Joy had a great idea for a new game, so I decided to play along too!! The idea is to think about each one of your dog's personalities and decide that if the dog was human, who would they be...either a general description or a person.

So, here goes:

Duchess - Well, this one is obvious. She'd be the Queen Mother of England. Everyone bows down to her, family and guest alike, even though she has no real ruling power.

Ruby - She'd be the typical nightmare date for a single person. Very attractive to look at and talk to at first. Then, once you get to know her, her neurotic tendencies start to come out.

Phantom - He is the stereotypical beach hunk, with all of the girls in little bikinis fawning all over him, while he flexes his big muscles. Think of a muscle-bound Casanova.

Dream - She'd have to be Paris Hilton...ditzy, total blonde, a player, but there is a brain behind all of that cluelessness.

Emmy - She is Angelina Jolie. She's got a wild streak and can rough and tumble with the boys, but then when she wants to, she is very elegant, sophisticated, and loving.

Ransom - He is the stereotypical star quarterback/homecoming king. He's a pretty boy, and knows it. He's also the ringleader for all of the chaos in our house, and instigates most of it, even if he's not an active participant.

Bear - He is your typical follower. He is usually told what to do by the others, and they convince him that if he's doing something wrong, he'll either get away with it or that it really is ok. And he believes them!!!!

Cristal - She is still too young to really have her personality come out. We expect to see more as she grows up in the near future.

Let's see if we can move this one along too. So, we'll tag:

Cindy at Foggy Bottom
Garrett at Ramsay Farms
and Jinnie at Solsticekennel

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tagged Again!

Ok, here's my assignment to Kim Gibson, of Cardi Corgi Capers: I was to go to my photo archives, open the 6th folder and select the 6th picture, post the picture here along with the story behind it. So here goes...

This is a picture of Ch Cardidreams Blue Sullivan, or "Sulley" as he's known around this area, or "Goober" by friends and family. He's kind of our adopted son, Ruby's soul mate and only love, and the father of our first grandpuppies. :) This picture was taken in Mason City a couple of years ago while Emily was grooming him for the group (I believe he received a Group 1 that day!). I was helping my nephew, Thomas, do a project for his 3rd grade class. He had me take a "Flat Thomas" with me everywhere I went, and take pictures of the places that "Flat Thomas" visited, and any interesting people or things that he saw. I took him to 2 dogshows during those 2 weeks, and took all kinds of pictures of dogs, people and events. His teacher loved it and he received an A+ on his project.

Sulley is SUCH a pretty boy and one of the reasons we fell in love with this breed.

We're tagging Garrett at Ramsey Farms and anyone else that hasn't been tagged as of yet and wants to play. :)

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Reindeer Sighted!!!

Yes, that's right, we now have photographic proof that Santa's eight tiny reindeer do actually exist. Now, it was hard to capture them with the camera, so some of the photos aren't the greatest of quality, but you can actually see them!

Dasher (aka Ruby):

Dancer (aka Cristal):

Prancer (aka Duchess):

Vixen (aka Dream):

Comet (aka Ransom):

Cupid (aka Phantom):

Donner (aka Bear):

Blitzen (aka Emmy):

Happy Holidays from all of us at Winjammin' Corgis to all of you!!!
Rus, Sherilyn, Bekka, Courtney, Duchess, Ruby, Phantom, Dream, Emmy, Ransom, Bear, and Cristal

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Learns New Trick

I was going to clean out the playpen this morning, like normal. I fight the puppies for their food pan, and yes it's a fight. They like to sit on it as I try to get my fingers under the edge, so I can pick it up. This is a morning ritual, and one that they relish.

Next comes herding the puppies into their crate....not usually too hard...sprinkle some kibble in the crate and off they go (for you future owners of Winjammin' puppies, beware that we are training "crack dogs" If you've met Ransom, you'll understand the nickname. For those of you who haven't, the short version is, food to him is like "crack" to an addict). Some days we get one lagger and today that was Cristal.

So, she got to help me clean out the pen, pick up toys and pads, etc. Our kitchen is gated off from the rest of the house, so the puppies don't get out and the big dogs don't get in. We have to have some way to control the chaos, ya know! Anyway, I hadn't latched the gate, just pulled it to the latch, and that's where it stays. I'm in the process of rounding up the toys, and half watching Cristal out of the corner of my eye, when I see her run to the gate, sit back on her rear, and take one paw and give the gate a big SHOVE. Yup, you guessed it...escape!!!

She was off and running for all she was worth through the living room, with her littermates calling their encouragement from the crate the whole time. Round and round the dining table she went, then it was to the living room, back around the table three times, back to the kitchen, just to tease me, then back to the living room and a big jump onto the doggie pillow pile, etc. You get the picture, I hope. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to catch the little bugger.

I brought her back into the kitchen and this time, LATCHED the gate, and proceeded to finish the cleanup. She chased the broom some, another of her favorite games, but then she was right back at the gate, and banging on it, trying to get out. Once cleanup was done, she was back in her pen with her littermates, and peace, or as peaceful as we get, finally decended back on the house.

Thank goodness the big dogs were downstairs!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We've Been Tagged!

Cindy and Garrett both got us, so here's a list of our 6 favorite things....(the dogs helped out, too!)

1. Food - ok this is for all of us

2. Jobs - even when we've had really bad days, we are still very thankful that we have our jobs. They support our habit (see item #3)

3. Dog Shows!! What better way to spend time together, with our dogs, and some of our best friends! Can't wait until January!

4. Friends and Family

5. The Dogs, of course!

6. Each other :)

Ok, Rus had to add #7 to this...Texas Football! Hook 'em Horns!! :D

Happy Holidays to all my favorite people and 4 legged fur kids!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Time Flies

After remarking last evening about how fast the puppies are growing, we started to look at the other kids, and thought about how much they also have changed over the months and years. In this frame of mind, I started looking back through all the photos we had taken of everyone and it's amazing to note the changes as they all grow up.

Then, I checked the mail and we received Ransom's most recent show picture from the Council Bluffs show in November. Boy, what a differrence less than a year makes!!!

I'll let you judge for yourself. He was born 2-18-08. The pictures are in order:
Aug 08
Nov 08

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moose's Visit

Moose came to visit weekend before last, when he was attempting to get two legs for his CD. You can read Cindy's post on how well that went here:

Anyway, Moose also had a lot of down time at the house and was able to play with all the big kids. Phantom and Moose are best buds and they are always together. Those two were like a pair of bulldozers rampaging through the house chasing everyone else. When they weren't running and Moose wasn't in Rus' lap, the boys were side by side on the couch, getting good scratches from Cindy.

Things got a little out of hand with the chase game between the boys and Duchess, who finally decided that playtime with Moose wasn't so bad, so they were banished outside to play and stay out from underfoot. Needless to say, they weren't too appreciative of that, as evidenced by the photo below (from left: Moose, Duchess voicing her opinion about the whole ordeal, Phantom):

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

It was a weekend of firsts for all the kids:

First off, we got a couple inches of snow, which means lots of Corgi fraps in the yard (at 630 am, mind you)....for the big kids, just the first of the season. Emmy and Dream were streaking around the yard as fast as their legs could carry them, barking and trying to catch each other's tails. It was really funny, especially when one would catch the other's tail and then there would be a gray and black ball rolling in the yard, snow flying everywhere.

Phantom tried to get Ruby to play in the snow, but with the lack of hair on her post baby belly, the snow was too dangerously close for her taste, so she would only go out, do her business, and was headed right back in the house and the warmest place she could find. She's no dummy!! LOL

Duchess ran her annual laps through the deepest portions of the yard, and god help anyone who got in her way....and yes, they did....she'd plow through them without stopping....bodies rolling everywhere...looked like bowling for Corgis. LOL Then she would come in the house like she hadn't done anything at all, the only giveaway being the scoop of snow still sitting on the tip of her nose like a little cone and the huge smile on her face.

Frick and Frack had the best time of everyone. It was the first snowfall for both of them. Bear dove right in, didn't faze him a bit....till he went to pee. He picked a rather deep part of the yard, where there was a little drifting, squatted, then you saw his eyes go WIDE open, tail goes straight in the air as high as it would go....yep...body parts IN the snow, and he realized that the snow was COLD!!! He was off like a shot...

Ransom, on the other hand, tried to avoid the snow at first. We have an eve that hangs over the yard, and it had blocked the snow from falling right against the house. Well he found that spot and that's where he decided to launch hit and run tactics on Bear. He'd wait until Bear's back was turned, then run through the snow as fast as he could, roll Bear, and then hightail it back to the safety of the "snow free zone". Poor Bear never knew what hit him....the first six times.

Then, Bear got even....

He had finally had enough of getting rolled through the snow, so he chased Ransom back to the snow free zone, grabbed him by the ruff, and literally drug him back into the snow and tried his darndest to get Ransom as snowy as he was!! Then the winter wrestling was on...brindle and red blurs rolling through the yard!! Ransom has since figured out that snow isn't a bad thing, and that it was rather fun, and tasty to boot! Now, the only way I can get Frick and Frack into the house is to shake the cookie wrapper outside, so they hear it. Then they come running like their lives depended on it.

Did I mention that this all happened early on Friday morning at around 630 am and the neighbor's bedroom window looks out onto the back yard????? Yeah, I'm sure they were PLEASED...

Bear also had his first experience with the babies. We let the babies out into the living room all together for the first time (they had all explored the living room singly late at night with human supervision), and let Bear play shepherd. It's way too much to ask to have the babies out with all of the adults, as they all are a little wild at this time of year with the cold air and snow on the ground, so we only let one or two big dogs out with the babies. Bear was SO good with the babies and he had a blast chasing them all over the main level, and the puppies had fun chasing him, and trying to bite that big tail of his!! The babies think that the dining room is a huge race track, and they raced and raced and raced around the table, usually with Bear hot on their heels. A few of the others decided that all of the doggy pillows next to the fireplace were lots of fun too, and by the time playtime was over, there would be at least one burrowed into the pillow pile, sound asleep with a look of utmost contentment on their faces.

Yes, definitely a weekend of firsts. Sorry, no photos were taken, as the subjects weren't in the mood to hold still for one second, let alone the required 10 seconds to get a decent picture. I don't think pictures of our carpet or the muddy back yard are very interesting!! LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Boys and Company

Did I ever mention that the "little boys" like to eat???? Here's what they do when company comes to the house....

Wordless Wednesday....A Day Late

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - Meet the Cast...A Month Later

It's hard to believe it's been a month already!! Where has the time gone? These guys are growing up so fast...walking, talking, playing, chewing... But, I'll let the pictures thenselves do all of the talking for me. Without further ado, here are the updated pictures of the cast of characters for this season's episodes of Tails from the Underbelly:

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Notes on the cast:
The perspective on the pictures is a little off. I had to resize them to put them on here, and so some of the pups look a little funny. I assure you, they are normal looking in every way. They also wouldn't hold still for their photo ops either. They only wanted the peanut butter we tried to entice them with so they would at least try to look at the camera. Also, the only blue eyes in the bunch are the two merles. The camera flash did some funky things to the eyes when we took the pictures last night, so I apologize for that. Port is the male. Everyone else is a girl. Zin is still a mismark, unfortunately. Pearl is now known as Shiraz, and Flame is now known as Chianti.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What ARE those things?!?!

Hey everyone, this is Phantom. I don't like to blog much , but some things just need to be said. I'm all for new additions to the family, as long as they all adhere to the proper code of conduct..."Duchess is queen B, and I am the big dog, and what I say goes." It's pretty easy to live by, as long as you don't steal my toys, then you're ok in my book. Of course ALL toys are my toys. Just don't forget it. Anyway, I digress...

About a month ago, Ruby, my walking buddy, was putting on a little weight....ok...she looked like she ate a toy dog whole, but who am I to criticize? I like to eat too! Anywhoo, she was having some tummy problems, so mom, dad, and Bekka took her to see that nice Angelic lady to have her checked out. Then, they come home REALLY late at night, carrying Ruby in a blanket. That must have been some case of indigestion!!!! Holy Cow!! Then, what do I see???? These little wiggly things moving around. I think that toy dog multiplied after she ate it!!! I swear!!!

Life went on ok, for the most part. I could smell those wiggly things in this big white box that dad put together for them, but they didn't make any noise, and I never see them, so it's all good. I can go on with my life and not have to worry about them.

Well, so much for that!!! This past weekend took the cake. Those wiggly things have GROWN!!!! And they make NOISE!!!!! And they MOVE!!!!!! I go into the kitchen every once in awhile to visit with my buddy Ruby and check out the goings on. Well, these wiggly things got out of their box and this one black and white one stared at me!! It was CREEPY!!! So I tried to give it the evil eye. That didn't work....I'm thinking this thing is possessed. So, I barked at barked BACK!!! Then it talked to another one....a BLUE one!!! OMG!!! They are EVIL!!! And the blue one has big blue eyes and it moves faster than the rest of them!!! OMG!!!! It was coming to get me!!! My eyes got huge..these things can chase me now...this isn't good. Thank goodness for that gate in the kitchen....what, you mean they can go UNDER it?!?!?! What ARE these demonspawn things?!?!?!?!?

You mean they are like ME, and will grow up to be Cardigans?? They are kids of Sulley and Ruby?? Say WHAT?!?!?! Mom says they are cute and cuddly just like me. I personally don't see it. Just keep those things away from me!! I'll hold court with Duchess on the couch, it's safer there.

If anyone knows how to get rid of those things, please let me know. Thanks!!!!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - 4 Star Dining

Last night, we introduced the littles to solid food. We figured we'd have to encourage them to eat it, as it isn't from mom, and mom wasn't even in the kitchen. Boy were we wrong!!! Those kids took to the new food like a bunch of starving orphans at a 4-star restaurant!!!!

They were a little hesitant about it at first, until they actually tried it.

Then, they got into it a little more....or a lot more...

And still others, like Shiraz, decided to just "go for it" and go face first into the deepest part of the meal. Maybe she's training for one of those eating contests...ya think??

And then what's better for a gourmet meal than an after dinner drink?? Very appropriate with the way this litter is named, I would think!!

And finally, after all is said and done, the best and most long lived tradition in the world....the after dinner nap!!! (Editors note: I do think that Cristal looks like she had imbibed a few too many over the course of the evening)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Showing Off the Boys

I was prodded by several individuals to post up our brag results and pictures from our last show, which was October 18-19th, in Fremont, NE. We hadn't been to a show in over a month, so I honestly forgot about mentioning anything concerning the show. So, here we are.

The boys went and showed their hearts out. It paid off. Ransom won his first point on Saturday with a WD/BOS win under Mrs. Bette L. Krause, and then proceeded to win WD/BOW/BOB on Sunday under Col. Joe B. Purkhiser. He got to play in the big kid ring for the first time, and he loved it!! Thanks to Kim Jacobson for handling the little man for us in group. Phantom won BOB both days and then proceeded to win a Group 3 on Sunday under Mrs. Bette L. Krause. It was quite a thrill to have both of the boys in the group ring at the same time on Sunday, and actually not embarrass me!! LOL Boo always has a big cheering section when he's in the big ring, and Ransom had his own cheering section that had to be at least as big!! Way to go boys!!

Here are the pictures:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - Big Bad Guard Dogs

I have a knack of walking silently through the house when I want to, just so I don't disturb all of the inmates downstairs and set them to barking at god-awful hours of the morning. I will do this when I go upstairs to check on babies and let Ruby outside. So, when I went upstairs this morning to feed Ruby, all of the littles were sound asleep. Ruby was waiting as (im)patiently as she ever does when it comes to her breakfast (and lunch and dinner). Not a soul was stirring....until I unsnapped the flap of the food container. Then it was guard dog central...all growling, yipping, and lots of little high pitched GRRRRR-UFFFFFs, and they all started swarming to the corner of the box by where the food is stored. Once I got Ruby's breakfast scooped, I had to bend over and scratch each and every one of them, as they wouldn't let me to anything else (let alone stop barking). Once properly scratched, they quietly retired back to their respective corners (or under blankets) and promptly went back to sleep.

I know puppies have a learning curve, as do all species of younglings, and these guys are learning on a pretty steep curve, but they've obviously been doing extra credit, as they are full of Corgi attitude!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - The Hard Life

Yes, folks, they already know how hard a life they have and are already perfecting the art of quality naptime.


Tails from the Underbelly - The Eyes Have It

Yes, that's right....we have eyes!!! The littles have started opening their eyes. It's still too soon to see eye color for Cristal and Zin, but that will come with time. This morning I turned on the kitchen light, and Flame blinked her eyes at me, like "Hey!! I was sleeping!!! Turn that off!!!" And then I got barked at. Go figure.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Friday - Aww Moment

All they seem to do is sleep and eat....sometimes at the same time!!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - The Great Escape

Here we go again. It seems that Cristal does not take no for an answer. She must have been plotting another breakout from the time she was caught the first time. She broke out again this morning and made it all the way to the gate separating solitary from the general population before being apprehended. The general population (Duchess, Phantom, Dream, Emmy, Ransom, and Bear) all thought this was very interesting, and stood at the gate to watch the trek across no-dog's land....although Phantom was very careful to totally disassociate himself from the rest of the proceedings and sit a good five feet behind everyone else. Talk about getting the cold paw from the head of the family!!!!!

Littles are in lockdown as I write now, no doubt devising new ways to sneak out under the watchful eyes of the Mother Warden.

Tails from the Underbelly - Escape from Dogcatraz Solitary

In a previous post, I mentioned that these little buggers are quite active, and love to roam the puppy box. The Warden Mother (Ruby) keeps a pretty close eye on her flock and alerts the perimeter guards (us) when things are even remotely out of the ordinary. Well, the little ones took their roaming to a whole new level. We had our first jailbreak. It looks like Cristal and her accomplice, Port, were trying to make a run for it. Port later got "cold feet" and backed out in favor of a warm corner and soft blanket. Thank goodness the Warden Mother was on the job and immediately alerted perimeter security.

The security cameras caught the whole episode. Here's the evidence:Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The next frame showed the capture and return to solitary. Cristal was not a happy camper, but she has no business meeting the characters in general population yet. If she's this onery now, what's going to happen when she meets Frick and Frack?!?!?!