Monday, December 1, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

It was a weekend of firsts for all the kids:

First off, we got a couple inches of snow, which means lots of Corgi fraps in the yard (at 630 am, mind you)....for the big kids, just the first of the season. Emmy and Dream were streaking around the yard as fast as their legs could carry them, barking and trying to catch each other's tails. It was really funny, especially when one would catch the other's tail and then there would be a gray and black ball rolling in the yard, snow flying everywhere.

Phantom tried to get Ruby to play in the snow, but with the lack of hair on her post baby belly, the snow was too dangerously close for her taste, so she would only go out, do her business, and was headed right back in the house and the warmest place she could find. She's no dummy!! LOL

Duchess ran her annual laps through the deepest portions of the yard, and god help anyone who got in her way....and yes, they did....she'd plow through them without stopping....bodies rolling everywhere...looked like bowling for Corgis. LOL Then she would come in the house like she hadn't done anything at all, the only giveaway being the scoop of snow still sitting on the tip of her nose like a little cone and the huge smile on her face.

Frick and Frack had the best time of everyone. It was the first snowfall for both of them. Bear dove right in, didn't faze him a bit....till he went to pee. He picked a rather deep part of the yard, where there was a little drifting, squatted, then you saw his eyes go WIDE open, tail goes straight in the air as high as it would go....yep...body parts IN the snow, and he realized that the snow was COLD!!! He was off like a shot...

Ransom, on the other hand, tried to avoid the snow at first. We have an eve that hangs over the yard, and it had blocked the snow from falling right against the house. Well he found that spot and that's where he decided to launch hit and run tactics on Bear. He'd wait until Bear's back was turned, then run through the snow as fast as he could, roll Bear, and then hightail it back to the safety of the "snow free zone". Poor Bear never knew what hit him....the first six times.

Then, Bear got even....

He had finally had enough of getting rolled through the snow, so he chased Ransom back to the snow free zone, grabbed him by the ruff, and literally drug him back into the snow and tried his darndest to get Ransom as snowy as he was!! Then the winter wrestling was on...brindle and red blurs rolling through the yard!! Ransom has since figured out that snow isn't a bad thing, and that it was rather fun, and tasty to boot! Now, the only way I can get Frick and Frack into the house is to shake the cookie wrapper outside, so they hear it. Then they come running like their lives depended on it.

Did I mention that this all happened early on Friday morning at around 630 am and the neighbor's bedroom window looks out onto the back yard????? Yeah, I'm sure they were PLEASED...

Bear also had his first experience with the babies. We let the babies out into the living room all together for the first time (they had all explored the living room singly late at night with human supervision), and let Bear play shepherd. It's way too much to ask to have the babies out with all of the adults, as they all are a little wild at this time of year with the cold air and snow on the ground, so we only let one or two big dogs out with the babies. Bear was SO good with the babies and he had a blast chasing them all over the main level, and the puppies had fun chasing him, and trying to bite that big tail of his!! The babies think that the dining room is a huge race track, and they raced and raced and raced around the table, usually with Bear hot on their heels. A few of the others decided that all of the doggy pillows next to the fireplace were lots of fun too, and by the time playtime was over, there would be at least one burrowed into the pillow pile, sound asleep with a look of utmost contentment on their faces.

Yes, definitely a weekend of firsts. Sorry, no photos were taken, as the subjects weren't in the mood to hold still for one second, let alone the required 10 seconds to get a decent picture. I don't think pictures of our carpet or the muddy back yard are very interesting!! LOL


Joy said...

Who needs TV when you have the dogs?

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

The image of Ransom dive bombing Bear is priceless. I am sure that Shaker would have dove in and helped with the revenge!

Holly said...

Way too much fun! My guys surely would love it to snow - we've had rain, rain, rain.