Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tagged Again!

Ok, here's my assignment to Kim Gibson, of Cardi Corgi Capers: I was to go to my photo archives, open the 6th folder and select the 6th picture, post the picture here along with the story behind it. So here goes...

This is a picture of Ch Cardidreams Blue Sullivan, or "Sulley" as he's known around this area, or "Goober" by friends and family. He's kind of our adopted son, Ruby's soul mate and only love, and the father of our first grandpuppies. :) This picture was taken in Mason City a couple of years ago while Emily was grooming him for the group (I believe he received a Group 1 that day!). I was helping my nephew, Thomas, do a project for his 3rd grade class. He had me take a "Flat Thomas" with me everywhere I went, and take pictures of the places that "Flat Thomas" visited, and any interesting people or things that he saw. I took him to 2 dogshows during those 2 weeks, and took all kinds of pictures of dogs, people and events. His teacher loved it and he received an A+ on his project.

Sulley is SUCH a pretty boy and one of the reasons we fell in love with this breed.

We're tagging Garrett at Ramsey Farms and anyone else that hasn't been tagged as of yet and wants to play. :)


Joy said...

Does this mean that the puppies have new homes? I just read Cindy's blog and it sounded like it. Time has really flown.

Sherilyn said...

2 of the 6 have left the nest. Merlot is living with Cindy and the Foggybottom crew as their first black and white girl amongst a sea of brindle and the blue boy. Lucy (Shiraz) is living with a very nice young couple, Sarah and Nick in West Des Moines, so we'll get to see her as she grows up, too. Port (the boy) is supposed to be leaving sometime this week (his new owner is coming down from Michigan, so whenever the weather cooperates!). Cristal is staying with us and will hopefully hit the show ring in time for our 2009 Nationals in April, and we are still looking for a good home for Chianti and Zin.

They turned 11 weeks old yesterday...the time has just flown!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Joy! Enjoy your time with Luke!