Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Game...Thanks Kim and Joy!!

Kim and Joy had a great idea for a new game, so I decided to play along too!! The idea is to think about each one of your dog's personalities and decide that if the dog was human, who would they be...either a general description or a person.

So, here goes:

Duchess - Well, this one is obvious. She'd be the Queen Mother of England. Everyone bows down to her, family and guest alike, even though she has no real ruling power.

Ruby - She'd be the typical nightmare date for a single person. Very attractive to look at and talk to at first. Then, once you get to know her, her neurotic tendencies start to come out.

Phantom - He is the stereotypical beach hunk, with all of the girls in little bikinis fawning all over him, while he flexes his big muscles. Think of a muscle-bound Casanova.

Dream - She'd have to be Paris Hilton...ditzy, total blonde, a player, but there is a brain behind all of that cluelessness.

Emmy - She is Angelina Jolie. She's got a wild streak and can rough and tumble with the boys, but then when she wants to, she is very elegant, sophisticated, and loving.

Ransom - He is the stereotypical star quarterback/homecoming king. He's a pretty boy, and knows it. He's also the ringleader for all of the chaos in our house, and instigates most of it, even if he's not an active participant.

Bear - He is your typical follower. He is usually told what to do by the others, and they convince him that if he's doing something wrong, he'll either get away with it or that it really is ok. And he believes them!!!!

Cristal - She is still too young to really have her personality come out. We expect to see more as she grows up in the near future.

Let's see if we can move this one along too. So, we'll tag:

Cindy at Foggy Bottom
Garrett at Ramsay Farms
and Jinnie at Solsticekennel


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

LOL! The queen mother with no ruling power!!!

a corgi said...

this was cute to read! they all have such unique personalities for sure :)