Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - The Great Escape

Here we go again. It seems that Cristal does not take no for an answer. She must have been plotting another breakout from the time she was caught the first time. She broke out again this morning and made it all the way to the gate separating solitary from the general population before being apprehended. The general population (Duchess, Phantom, Dream, Emmy, Ransom, and Bear) all thought this was very interesting, and stood at the gate to watch the trek across no-dog's land....although Phantom was very careful to totally disassociate himself from the rest of the proceedings and sit a good five feet behind everyone else. Talk about getting the cold paw from the head of the family!!!!!

Littles are in lockdown as I write now, no doubt devising new ways to sneak out under the watchful eyes of the Mother Warden.

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