Friday, October 3, 2008

Still Alive

Yes, we're still alive. Things have been really quiet (or at least for us) for some time now. Bear is getting bored with the girls, as Ransom is still at camp. We're working out the details to hopefully have Ransom back at home this weekend. I think everyone misses the little man!

It feels so strange to not have shows to go to, no mad packing of the van, no baths (which the dogs LOVE to be missing!). We've both felt just a little off kilter without all of the hustle and bustle of show weekends.

On the good side though, we've actually had a "date night". It's been awhile since we had one of those. We didn't do much, other than go out for a nice dinner, and then we went browsing through one of the local stores. Nothing much, but it's still quality time together, no kids or dogs. It was fun!!

Now to get busy with the rest of the honey-do list....take photos, update the website, paint, mow, shampoo carpets, rearrange the basement and garage...

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