Monday, October 6, 2008

Frick and Frack Together Again

Yes, that's right, Ransom is home (as of Saturday) and he and Bear are already back at it. We weren't even home 10 minutes when Ransom and Bear were already wrestling and tearing around the house at Mach 10. The peace and quiet I was writing about last week is no longer. Chaos and Frapping is now the order of the day.

Sunday brought Ransom and Bear playing tag in the back yard with Emmy, until I emptied the swimming pool and put it in the shed for the winter. Once all of the water was on the ground, all three of them found the mud and proceeded to wade/swim/drink/splash through it, until I chased them out and back into the house. I kept getting the "I don't get it" looks....can't imagine why.

They finally crashed last evening while we were watching tv. This time, I have proof that they do stop!!!

They even tired Dream and Duchess out, just by watching all the chaos!

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