Monday, October 27, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - Big Bad Guard Dogs

I have a knack of walking silently through the house when I want to, just so I don't disturb all of the inmates downstairs and set them to barking at god-awful hours of the morning. I will do this when I go upstairs to check on babies and let Ruby outside. So, when I went upstairs this morning to feed Ruby, all of the littles were sound asleep. Ruby was waiting as (im)patiently as she ever does when it comes to her breakfast (and lunch and dinner). Not a soul was stirring....until I unsnapped the flap of the food container. Then it was guard dog central...all growling, yipping, and lots of little high pitched GRRRRR-UFFFFFs, and they all started swarming to the corner of the box by where the food is stored. Once I got Ruby's breakfast scooped, I had to bend over and scratch each and every one of them, as they wouldn't let me to anything else (let alone stop barking). Once properly scratched, they quietly retired back to their respective corners (or under blankets) and promptly went back to sleep.

I know puppies have a learning curve, as do all species of younglings, and these guys are learning on a pretty steep curve, but they've obviously been doing extra credit, as they are full of Corgi attitude!!!

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coopercreek said...

I can picture it in my mind. How cute!