Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Have Puppies!

On behalf of Ruby and Sulley (CH Cardidreams Blue Sullivan), we are proud to annouce the arrival of 6 bouncing baby Cardis. There are 4 black and whites (1 boy and 3 girls) and 2 blue merles (both girls). Their bellies are fat with mom's milk, they are feisty, active, and VOCAL!! Oh my gosh!! I don't think anyone remebered to tell Ruby that we ordered puppies with a volume control. There's nothing like a puppy in full protest voice at 3am to wake you from a dead sleep and sit you up straight in bed!!

The rest of the Winjammin' herd has been very patient with being crated for longer than normal as we have been tending to the little ones. Everyone has gotten extra pets and cuddles for being so good. Although, Bear was making up for lost time, and got the zoomies last night for, I swear as I timed it, an HOUR+ non-stop full-on frap. He didn't care who chased him, Ransom, Emmy, or Dream. Even Boo got in on the action a little. Duchess was her usual stoic self and just watched from her throne....grumbling if anyone came too close (which I think Ransom planned LOL). Boo is a great mother hen, and is so worried about Ruby. When he hears those babies whine or carry on, he's right at the gate trying to make whatever is wrong better, or will make sure we are up to take care of the babies in the middle of the night. Geez, you'd think HE was the dad!!! What a good boy he is!!

Here's the Day 1 shot of mom and the crumbsnatchers:

The theme for this litter?? WINE!! That's right, all kinds of wine and vineyard names will be considered! If you have a suggestion, please send it! :o) With only 6 names to pick, we cannot guarantee we will use the names you send, but all names will be given careful consideration.

Stay tuned for more pictures and tales from the underbelly (Ruby's) as the babies grow and explore their new world.


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Congratulations! They are so cute.

Life would not be right without a Wild Australian Shiraz puppy!

Garrett808 said...

hey what's that 'cheap' wine that Kim hates when you and Cindy drink it? You should definitely name one after that! LOL

Sherilyn said...

We might just have to do that one!!! LOL I think that would be an appropriate name if Cindy gets one of the b/w girls. ;) hehe We love that wine!! It's GOOD stuff!!

Cindy said...

Hey that was my suggestion--Beajammin's Cheap AsSwine (gotta play it safe with AKC so they don't think it's a swear word) And since we call it CAW beverages, David suggested a call name of Crow.

Congrats on the whole hooten" bunch. Have fun and PICTURES!!!!


coopercreek said...

Congratulations on the babies. Awww, puppy breath!!