Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tails from the Underbelly - Day 2

Everyone has settled into their routines now. Babies have figured out that it's the best thing in life to eat, sleep, and poop. They scoot all over the whelping box, usually under a blanket, where it's dark and warm, and poor Ruby then has to figure out where they went. The first time it happened, I think she was asleep, as when I went to check puppies in the middle of the night, she looked at me with that frantic know the one..."I swear they were just here a minute ago!!!" Yup, you guessed it...under the blanket, not 3 inches from her foot, but camouflaged from Ruby's sight.

We have one puppy who is a little smaller than the rest. I guess you could call her the runt (although the actual runt of the litter by birth weight has passed her up). Anyway, we have been watching her closely to make sure she gets free access to mom, so she can eat her fill. Well, this morning, she wanted to obviously do something other than eat, and as Ruby tried to move her into a feeding position, little one gave mom a piece of her mind...and then some! Glad to see these little ones have spunk, but I'm going to feel for the new owners, as these kids have ATTITUDE!!!

Here's some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:
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Cindy said...

I think the only fitting comment is:



Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

I have to go with Cindy on this one. And also to the spunky runt--you go girl!!!

Qwaynt Cardigans said...

Congratualtions on your first litter

Sherilyn said...

Thanks all! I have to admit, they are pretty sweet! I can't wait until Mom will let us hold them for more than a few seconds without wanting to take them back from us. She needs to share!! :)


Sarah said...

Ahem... Well, it's Sunday night, and the latest photos I see are all the way back from Thursday... Three whole days without new photos?

Sherilyn said...

LOL That's on the calendar for tonight...1 week pictures. :)