Monday, June 29, 2009

Vermillion, SD

We had a fantastic weekend in Vermillion, SD...probably the best show weekend we've ever had.

Saturday started off with Ransom winning WD/OS for his last single point he needed under breeder judge Candy Kramer. He now only needs that last major to finish. Then, we went to Cardis, and Merlot (co-owned with Cindy McDonald and co) was WB/BOW/BOS for her first 3pt major. Bear was RWD to Garrett's Justice. Then, Phantom won BOB and won a GROUP 1!!!! It is our first group win. He not only had his A game going, but turned it up to his A+ game in the group and the judge absolutely loved him. Unfortunately, he was a little over the top for BIS but the judge looked at him and gave him his due, but we came away empty handed. Oh well, it was a lot of fun being out there, and we both had a ball.

Sunday was just as much fun but in other ways. Ransom was WD/BOB over a nice special bitch, but unfortunately, no points. He did get to play in the group and had as good of a time as he could considering how hot it was. Bear was WD/BOW for his final major and is now a CH (pending AKC approval). He is our first BBE CH, and Phantom's first offspring to finish. He never put a foot out of place and was gaited with the 3 specials around the ring, and was able to be with them stride for stride.

The other results were Justice was WD on Saturday - Yay Garrett!! Breezy was RWB on Saturday, and did you win on Sunday too Sarah? I was busy in the back of the tent keeping the boys under control and away from the girls in season. ;o) Pepper was WB/BOS on Sunday for a 3pt major. Congrats to Rick Penkava for Pepper's first major!

Sulley won a hard earned BOB and a Group 4 on Sunday after outdueling Picasso, Phantom, Bear, and Pepper. I will also add (and others who were present can corroborate this) that the judge had one heck of a time finding her BOB winner. It was - close!! Of the 5 dogs in the ring, not one of them was totally out of the picture until she started pointing. We were gaited around the ring no fewer than 6 times, and yes we WERE counting!!! The judge was raving about the Cardi entry as we were having Bear's picture taken, and said the quality she saw was impressive, and said that she had a hard time with the BOB class, as she would have been proud to put up any of the five dogs. Way to go breeders!!!!!!

Oh, and I must not forget that Corgi wannabes (hehe) Darby and Hawk charmed the heck out of the judge (and us too!) and Hawk was BOB and made a cut in group...Yay Sarah!! See what happens when you listen to Sherri?? ;o)
Oh...puppy groups on Saturday...Mitchum (the other Corgi wannabe hehe) was G1, Darby the Valhund was G2, and Justice was G4, I believe.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who braved the heat and stayed and cheered us on in Group and BIS. It meant a lot to us to be able to share the wins with many of our friends.


Dawn said...

Sounds great, glad you all had such a fabulous weekend. Congrats on the Group 1! Good job Phantom.

penni said...

What a terrific series of wins! Congratulations to you and all the critters. Now, party hearty!

coopercreek said...


Holly said...

Congrats to you and all the other winners! Woo hoo!! What a wonderful weekend for you all!

Sarah said...

Yes, Miss Bee (Breezy) was RWB on Sunday too. I was really pleased with her for her first road trip show weekend. :-)

Congrats on the wins, and I DID brave the heat [with minimal whining even though I was dying for a soda with ice!] to stay and cheer, and you know, I'm not an outdoor show kinda girl!