Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Dressed Up

Every winter, Ruby and Emmy lose pretty much all of their hair....well, ok, Ruby never has a lot of coat, but you get the idea. So, a couple of years ago, we got Ruby a fleece sweatshirt and a coat to wear outside and in the basement so she stays warm. We hadn't found much that worked with Emmy, so we tried again this year to see if we could find something. Sherilyn found a couple of auctions on ebay...one with a fleecy sweatshirt, and one with some t-shirts.
All of the kids were really interested in what mom got in the mail, so they had to help. And we let them! Here are the results:

Ruby, all snug as a bug in a rug with her fancy fleece sweatshirt.

Emmy, the Desperate Housedog (you pick which one!):

Duchess, the Queen of Too Many Treats:

And, finally, we have Ransom, who was such a pest during the whole thing that he was "rewarded" with a shirt of his own. Once we put it on him, he lay in one place for an hour and a half until we finally felt sorry for him and took it off. But, not without photo evidence first!!!


Dawn said...

Very stylish dogs!

Sharrie said...

I just put a sweater like that on Zippy, and he thought he couldn't walk. Guess he doesn't need it, now. We will see about later.

Anonymous said...

The Flea aka Sienna the Brussels Griffon has a dog snuggie and a sweater, her BFF Bailey (Cardi) refuses to let her wear it, she says "we play naked around here"
too funny!