Monday, August 15, 2011

Head Pirate Pillages MN Lake City

Word has gotten out from Albert Lea, MN that notorious pirate Winjammin's Captain Jack Sparrow raided this peaceful lakefront city on Saturday.  He strode into town with his characteristic devil-may-care attitude and brought his charm to bear on the female population.  Kissing the ladies, Jack strode away with the following awards: Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, a Best of Breed Puppy, and a Herding Puppy Group 3rd.  All awards were taken in partnership with a co-conspirator.

Until now, his description has been vague...usually descriptive words such as "cute as a button", or "charming and adorable" have been used.  However, a photo has come to light, so now authorities have some concrete evidence to go on. 

Please remember to contact authorities if you see this notorious brigand, and not be taken in by his many charms!


Ashley said...

I. Love. This. Boy. Gawd, I need to come see them! =}

Sherilyn said...

Yes, you do, Ashley! :) They are so big now! And rowdy! LOL Amuck, amuck, amuck!!