Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures of Frick and Frack - They Have A New Nickname!

I must preface this episode by saying that Lace, the Smooth Collie, was a saint all weekend and did nothing to instigate any of the antics described below.

We had several houseguests this last weekend for the dog show, like we do every year. This year, I think we strained the seams of the house, as we had 8 humans and 19 dogs under the same roof. The great thing is that everydog got along well and rotation was the word of the day. The breed list went something like this: 1 Pomeranian, 1 Smooth Collie, 2 Pembrokes, and 15 Cardigans (four 4 month olds, four 8 month olds, and 7 adults). At times it looked like a 3 ring circus, which is pretty much what it was, and it was REALLY fun seeing how our kids, who don't regularly interact with Collies and Poms except when they go visit Aunt Cindy, handled having them on their turf.

Phantom and Ransom thought Lace was all that, AND a bag of chips. They both thought they could breed her, even though she wasn't in season. Phantom spent most of the weekend following Lace and listening to her grumble about him. The few times she turned around to give him a piece of her mind, he thought it was foreplay, and she would grumble some more and walk away. And the humor only got better!!!

Ransom for his part, loved Lace as well. This poor girl!! He also tried to breed her, but when she would turn around, he would jump and push his front feet off her side, and then run in front of her, throw himself on his back, belly up, with the look of, "Don't Eat Me!" Lace completely ignored him, would step over or around him, and keep walking. Ransom would then jump up, run to get two steps in front of her, and throw himself on the floor in front of her again. He repeated this every time she was pacing in the living room, which was often. Comedy had arrived.

Bear on the other hand, took one look at Lace, and thought he was in trouble. His eyebrows went to the top of his head, eyes the size of dinner plates, and stayed at least 3 feet away from her with the look of, "OMG!! IT'S YOU!!!" I'm not sure what he did at Cindy's to merit the looks he gave Lace, but it must've been good. He did everything he could to stay away from her all weekend. Lace saw this as a way to get even, and provide herself with a little humor, Collie style. Every time she would see Bear on the couch behaving himself or laying on the floor with a bone, she would saunter over towards him. Most of the time he never saw her until she was within a foot of him, which I'm not sure how one misses a blue merle Smooth Collie walking in a sea of Corgis. He would then practically kill himself to get away from her, to include trying to climb up the back of the couch. Lace would then just sit down and watch him squirm. Eventually she would get tired of the whole thing and wander off, only to have Ransom pull his antics, or Phantom try to get her to be his girlfriend.

Now, we have the Pomeranian, Tango. She also lives with the Corgis, and very much takes care of herself and lets the others know what's what. She spent the weekend with whomever was out and running around. Ransom thought she was grand fun. He tried to push her over on her side with his front feet. She told him off. He came back for more, his little bunny butt going as fast as it could. She'd chase him through the house, running as fast as her little legs could go (and boy is she fast!!), and Ransom would still circle behind her, and snap his jaws at her heels, she'd spin around, and he'd be off. I think he called this game "Spin the Pom". This would go on for at least an hour, before we felt sorry for poor Tango and put Ransom in his crate.

Cristal and Chianti got to play with Port and Merlot (aka Little Sh#t) again, and they haven't slept that good in a LONG time. The girls had an absolute blast chasing their littermates all over the house.

Needless to say we had controlled chaos at our house, but it was a lot of fun. And during this whole Collie episode, Frick and Frack received a new nickname.....Dumb and Dumber. If you could have witnessed the weekend, you would have believed it.


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

OMG ROFL!!! Thanks I needed a good laugh! I can just see Tango doing the Pom spin--of course it doesn't take much to make her spin. Shaker had the same look on his face when Lace was here.

Joy said...

What fun! I too needed that smaile at the end of the day. Thanks for the laugh.

ocmist said...

This was a totally hysterical read... Thanks for the laugh... I can just see those two horny corgis... LOL!!! I loved it when we had Pem Pups all over the house. Never had that many at one time though!!! Linda (OC's Mom)

Men! I swear... only one thing on their "little" brains! Poor Tango and Lace. Sounds like they did a good job of showing those guys what's what though! Going to start following this blog for sure! Come visit me and my kids at Country Corgis. OC