Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They Got Even

This blog has been primarily for Frick and Frack, also known in our house as Dumb and Dumber after the Collie weekend, and all of their misadventures. Well, that doesn't mean that the older kids have ceased to live it up. Hence today's entry.

Last night, I think even the dogs realized it was Monday. Or they have cabin fever...not sure which. They decided to take out all of their frustrations on us all at once.

We usually let the big kids out first when we get home from work at night, so they can have the run of upstairs while we let the pups run under supervision. So, the order is: Phantom, Ruby and Duchess go first. Then Emmy and Dream, followed by Frick and Frack. Finally the puppies are let out, and Frick and Frack are asked to babysit in the house while we change clothes and do whatever is needed in the office, before we go make dinner. Usually this arrangement works out pretty well, other than some pretty rowdy puppy play once in awhile.

Segue to last night. The first two groups were let out and then let upstairs to run off some excess energy while puppies were let out. Well, evidently they weren't too happy with having to wait for mom and dad to come back upstairs. So, they decided to create their own entertainment. They broke into the dremel case and found the package containing the extra barrels. Well, they decided that carrying the package and throwing it through the house wasn't fun enough, so they finished tearing it open and strung all the barrels out on the floor.

My, what tasty goodies these are!! Yup, you guessed it....they had sandpaper chewies!! By this time, I get back upstairs and see them all chewing on something. I yell, "Drop it" and "It's MINE", and they scatter. When the Big Dog barks, they ALL run.

I didn't think at the time to count how many barrels I found on the floor, but I'm pretty sure they were all accounted for. They all got a stern talking to, and needless to say, it was VERY quiet in the house for quite awhile last night....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Sherilyn said...

I think they thought IF they destroyed all the extra barrels, they wouldn't have to have toes done this week! Needless to say, I will be stopping for more as we will win this war!! LOL

Ok Kim, this is for you...

Dogs 1 Humans 0

For now...hehe

Sherilyn said...

And of course, you forgot to mention part 2 of the war. While Rus and I were upstairs counting barrels and cleaning up the paper, Frick and Frack decided to help me with the bills. We just received Bear's win picture from the Keomah show in the mail, and I had the bill on top of my desk so I could file it with the other bills. Before we could get back downstairs to finish changing to non-work clothes, one of the boys decided I didn't need to pay that particular bill (maybe he didn't like the picture or was mad that he didn't win that day?) and chewed up the bill in tiny pieces. Now if the old "My dog ate my homework" would work on the house and car payments??? LOL

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

ROFL OMG that is just priceless. And that would be dogs 2 humans 0 for the night!

I have to keep the dremel bag in the linen closet with doors shut or else Russ aka "I don't like the stinking Dremel" would have it gone in seconds!

Sherilyn said...

True...that would put the dogs up to 2 in one night. No fair when they split up and conquer on different levels of the house! LOL

Need a few more at your house? ;)