Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Columbia, MO show

We went to the Columbia, MO show last weekend and had a real fun time with the folks down there. Everyone had their dogs out getting them ready for the National, so we had a large entry, with lots of nice dogs.

Our own kids represented us very well on Saturday. Bear was Winner's Dog out of the Bred-By Exhibitor class and went on to win Best of Winners for a crossover 5 point major!! He showed his heart out for us and acted VERY pleased with himself the rest of the day, and yes, he had Outback steak as part of his dinner. Phantom was Best of Breed both days over 3 nice specials (there were 4 on Sunday after Dave and Cathy Porter moved their just finished Zoey up). He also got pulled in group. Emmy was her little professional self as always, but was 2nd in her class. Ransom also won his class but went no farther.

Sunday wasn't as good, but were still very pleased with the results. Bear was still able to win Reserve Winner's Dog after being spooked by the slamming doors that sounded like gunshots going off while he was showing. I'm not sure if he ever put his ears up while he was in the ring. Emmy was 2nd in her class again, and Ransom was also 2nd in his class.

It was good to see the MO crowd again, and touch base with those who we hadn't seen since the last National. We can't wait to see everyone again next month at the National. It hardly seems possible.

Here are the results, and congrats to all the winners:
Sat -
BOB - Phantom
BOS - Marion Johnson's Lilly
WD/BOW - Bear
WB - Dave and Cathy Porter's Zoey (congrats on finishing her!!)

Sun -
BOB - Phantom
BOS - Marion's Lilly
WB/BOW - Don and Jacque's Lilly (I know, confusing, right? ;o) )
WD - Dona Caldwell's BBE boy (Notzmo Motley Blue)

P.S. - Hey Dave, so much for Zoey not listening to you while Cathy was showing another dog, huh?? ;o) Congrats again to you both!!

P.P.S. - Hey Sarah...you better make sure you know where your little Valhund baby is next time we're at a show together!! ;o) She's ADORABLE!!!!!!! Are we going to see her again at Nationals???


Dawn said...

Congrats on the major. Thats awesome.

Joy said...

What great results! Congrats.

Sarah said...

I'm so behind in reading blogs!!!! congrats again on the major for Bear and the BOBs for Phantom!

YEs, the little stink-pot Vallhund will have to come to the specialty with me. And I'll be happy to pass her around to anyone willing to put up with her and give her some cookies!