Monday, March 23, 2009

Foggy Bottom Visit

Cindy and Alec came for a short visit and to do a doggie swap on Saturday morning. Boo went back to Cedar Rapids with them so he could go visit the FB girls for the week, while Grandpa Fred stayed behind to keep order, and the boys in line. It was a fun time and Cindy and Alec even brought along a few hitchhikers, in the form of Moose, Merlot, Shooter, and Turner. Turner decided he'd much rather stay out by the truck, so he camped out outside, while the other three (four counting Fred) came in to say hi to the Corgi 9.

Shooter was content to roam the back yard and take in all of the good "city smells". Moose and Merlot came through the door like they've lived here for years, instead of being frequent visitors. Moose planted himself on the couch after a brief "hello" with his best buddy Boo. Merlot was promptly pounced upon by Chianti and Cristal and the frap was on!! All of the other dogs frantically scrambled to get out of their way as they rolled, chased and nipped each other, and anyone else who got in their way (mostly Bear).

By the time the girls got their running out of the way, they were a little winded and actually stopped long enough to compare the length of their tongues. We're not sure who they decided had the longer tongue, but we'll let you, our faithful readers, vote. So, here they are...from left to right: Chianti, Cristal, Merlot


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

My money is on Merlot

Sherilyn said...

Probably because Frank and Torch try to pull it out of her mouth when she's busy barking!! hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Merlot looks the longest to me :-)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

ROFL laughing! The thought of Frank and Torch yanking on LS tongue--oh too priceless!