Monday, April 13, 2009

First Word In From Nationals

From what we heard, it's been a rainy, miserable couple of days that were topped off by a ruined pair of shoes, waterlogged cell phone, mud, and soaking wet clothes and hair. Yup, you guessed was the Herding Trial!! Combine this with last year's hail storm and I guess someone Upstairs is having a lot of fun with the herding folks!!

Poor Bekka lost a pair of shoes and isn't sure just how much longer her cell phone will work, as it was in her jacket pocket, which got soaked, hence the waterlogging. What a way to start off your first Nationals!! At least the rest of the week is indoors, so at least we'll be clean and dry!

On the Herding instinct front, Bear and Russ (of Cardi Corgi Capers fame) passed their instinct tests. Way to go boys!!!

We are leaving this afternoon for Topeka, and can't wait for the fun to begin!

See you there!!


penni said...

The weather is supposed to clear up for tomorrow (so who cares once the outdoor events are done?), but be overcast from Wednesday through Sunday. It's that Murphy guy again!

Safe travels!

Esrohollow said...

You have NO idea how wet (and cold) it was on the Sunday of the herding trial.....I think it took me all week to dry out!! I'm glad the weather did clear up though.
It was great seeing you guys again!