Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nationals Wrap

Yes, I know I'm a lot late in getting this posted. With that being said, I'm not going to rehash any of the events, as you can easily find them on multiple blogs.

But, I will brag on my kids and tell you how we did! :o)

  • Bear got his Herding Instinct Certificate
  • Phantom made the cut in the Megan competition
  • Phantom was 4th in Stud dog, with Bear and Frank as his progeny
  • Bear's mom Marge was 2nd in Brood Bitch with Frank and Russ as her progeny
  • Dove was 4th in the 9-12 month bitch class

We also had tons of rave reviews on all of the kids (even Ransom who was the group mascot), so it was a very productive and rewarding week.

On to Seward this weekend!!


dreameyce said...

I've got pics coming soon! Well, of some of the things ;0P I've already got a couple puppy pics up on my blog.

I'm doing day-by-day postings, and I'm going slooooow!

It was so nice to meet ya'll, and the pretty dogs. Even that weird tailless one ;)

Sherilyn said...

LOL Admit it, fell in love with Ransom. He's quite the little tailless charmer! ;)

It was really great to meet you, too, and when you get all caught up we'll get our order in for your beautiful artwork! :) I think Bekka is going to want to order something, too.

Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

It was GREAT seeing you again! I really enjoyed the lunch we had! Ransom is a charmer (as are the rest of your kids).