Monday, May 25, 2009

One Shot Wonder Strikes Again!!

We heard throughout the night from Cindy that Phantom is again a daddy. With only one breeding, he sired a litter of 6....4 girls (finally!!) and 2 boys. The colors are all reds and brindles.

Shooter, the mom of the litter, is the littermate to Marg, who produced the Jimmy Buffett litter, again after only one breeding, that includes Frank, Dove, and our Bear.

Cindy is so happy with the fact that Boo gave her more girls this time around, that she said he has redeemed himself and is allowed over for visits anytime he wishes. The theme for the litter, due to the Memorial Day holiday is Patriotic. Check out her website for pictures and names as they grow.

Way to go "One Shot Wonder!!"

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