Monday, May 11, 2009

The Power of Persuation....From A Crate

Grandpa Fred is good at keeping all of the boys under control. Some days he's REAL good....then there's this episode:

Russ and Bear were both on lead at the show and socializing rather well. They are half-brothers and are very much alike in looks and attitude. They boys started wrestling and playing, like they always do, while Kim and I were chatting. Next thing I know, I look down and Bear was on his side submissing peeing on the floor. I look over at Russ, and he had done the EXACT same thing!!!! No other dogs were in sight!! It was the funniest darned thing I have ever seen!!! Kim and I both had a REAL good laugh and decided that they had seen Grandpa Fred in each other's faces, and rolled over to him!!!

Where was Fred? In a crate about 10 feet away, sound asleep!!!! Now that's the power of persuation!!!!

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

oh seriously I was witness to the whole event. Bear and Ruff Ruff submissive peed to each other and Grandpa was in a crate.

Somethings just make you shake your head!