Thursday, January 15, 2009

Central Iowa Kennel Club Show and Winjammin's Annual Chili Supper

This weekend is the CIKC all breed show and The 4th Annual Winjammin' Chili Supper on Saturday following BIS. Approximately 1000 dogs are entered...pretty good for a winter show where the weather is known to be anywhere from 45 degrees to -20 degrees, sunny to blizzard conditions on any given year.

Forecast for this year: Sat: 28 degrees and light flurries and Sun: 33 degrees and SUN!!!

For those of you who haven't made it up to the great white north yet, here's the scoop:

We, at Winjammin' host a Corgi-Q at our house in September following the Saturday Des Moines Kennel Club show. And NO, we don't BBQ the losing dogs!! Shame on you for thinking that (and I know some of you did!)!!! ;o) We traditionally have burgers, hot dogs (again with those nasty thoughts!! LOL), chicken legs, baked beans, and whatever else everyone decides to bring. We average about 50 people rain or shine every year, and the neighbors love to see all of the different show dogs set up in ex-pens outside in the yard. I think it makes their year! LOL

Then in January we also host, again at our house, a chili supper. Sherilyn makes about 22 quarts of homemade chili and then it's another pot luck. We always end up with lots of good food, and loads of company. I think we average about 25 people for this event. We even light the fireplace as it's usually REALLY cold, so those who are still frozen can warm up.

These two events are solely for fellowship, getting to know one another outside of the dog rings, and to play with puppies who are too young to have at the shows, as we encourage the little ones to come and play with everyone. We also have a lot of pet Corgi owners who come and they are able to talk to other breeders, who they wouldn't normally have met. We also have loads of people from other breeds come and enjoy the company as well.

So, for those of you who frequent our gatherings, THANK YOU for coming and helping to make it a great success, and can't wait to see everyone this weekend!! For everyone else, please consider coming out to Iowa for a show and the big party. We guarantee you will have a great time!! :o) No one ever leaves a Winjammin' feast hungry, and if you do, then it your OWN fault!! :o)


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Rus and Sherilyn,

I am sorry to have to miss the Chili supper for the second year. Last year I napped through it, and this year I forgot to enter dogs.

Stay Warm,

Anonymous said...

I would love to come but a bit far and Cold for me. Enjoy your time together, this is what dog shows should really be about. Fellowship, education and good times.

Dawn said...

Enjoy the fun, have great successes at the show and stay warm. Hope to be able to make your party on eof these years.

Sherilyn said...

Thanks Kim...we're trying to stay warm. Fire in the fireplace tonight and busy working around the house, so not too bad as long as we don't have to go outside or in the garage. :)

Jinnie - hope one of these days you can come north and join us! We always have a great time with fun people! We are definitely going to get together at Nationals, though. :)

Dawn - Thanks! Looking forward to the show, and hope it warms up a bit! And yes, I hope you can join us for either the chili supper or bbq, or both! :)

Take care everyone, and stay warm!

Hugs to all!