Sunday, January 11, 2009

Early Morning Serenade Frick and Frack Style

Leave it to Frick and Frack to liven up what would have been a lovely morning to sleep in. Everyone had been out for their early morning romp and potty, and then right back into the house and their crates for breakfast. This usually buys us anywhere from 2-3 hours more of blissful sleep. Well, Frick and Frack decided that they had had enough sleep and wanted to be back out on the snow playing tag with Emmy (who, by the way, was snuggled in bed with us and in no way willing to move from her warm, soft nest).

We were laying in bed and everything was quiet until we hear this low, mournful, rip the soul right out of you howl from Bear....

Then silence.

He must've talked Ransom into helping him at this point because we hear...
(Extremely high pitched) ROOOOO
(Slightly lower pitched) ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

They put it together...
Then Ransom changed it up, while Bear kept his part going...
(slightly lower and harmonized with Bear's howl) AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

It was a pure pitched call of the wild type of howl that you hear on the nature channel's wolf specials. It was really nice to listen to, even if we did get a good chuckle out of it initially.

Those two boys can really drive you nuts, but at the same time, they can really melt even the coldest of hearts. This was one of those mornings...


Garrett808 said...

isn't the howling magnificent? Mine typically pack howl every morning when I let them out and every night before I bring them inside for bed. There are all kinds of howls...Mitcham's lowl howl, with a few medium howls and then Zoe's yip yip yip weeeeeeeeee noise that she makes. Sounds like a pack of coyotes or wolves. Makes the hair stand up on my neck everytime! (well if I didn't shave them, they would stand up!)

a corgi said...

how cute!! of course they would never do that on a weekday morning; just on a "maybe I can get some extra sleep morning"

never a dull moment with these dogs; never a dull moment for sure :)


Joy said...

Sounds like you're teaching teamwork!

Sherilyn said...

Ummmmmm, something like that. :) Now Dreamy has been joining in with her higher pitched twitter. Trio! LOL