Thursday, January 15, 2009

Early Morning Serenade - The Encore

Yes, that's right folks...the early morning serenade has continued, but with a new twist. Frick and Frack have enlisted help...namely Dreamy, although this morning there was another participant as well, and we're not 100% sure who it was.

Ransom has been sleeping upstairs with Bekka at night, so I'm sure Bear has been bored with his "singing" a solo. So, he enlisted Dreamy to help him in the last couple of days. They have been perfecting their routine, and it sounds prety decent, considering Dream's sound is more of a howling twitter (you have to hear it to believe it) than anything else.

Then, this morning, Bear and Dream start in, and are soon joined by a mysterious third voice, who can be heard well above the other two. So, I start to do a process of elimination....Phantom: in bed with us, trying to push me out, Ransom: upstairs and asleep, Bear: downstairs and singing, Dream: downstairs and singing, Cristal and Chianti: in the office playing, Emmy: downstairs and not usually one disposed to singing but is a possibility, and finally Duchess: downstairs and is a known singer (mostly to the song Blue by Leann Rimes), but hasn't in a long time...another definite possibility.

Duchess has her own distinctive sound that I did not hear this morning, hence the mystery. When she howls, she also puts "words" with it...Woof, woof, AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, woof, woof, yip, yap, ROOOOOOOOO, etc. You definitely know when she's a part of something like that.

I got to thinking that if these clowns actually can put all of their distinctive sounds together, we might actually have an album!! Oh, how I feel for our house guests this weekend!!!

To Cindy, Garrett, Cyndy and Emily, and Marla: I hope everyone brings earplugs, because you might need them! I'm sure the kids will try to entertain, and put on a nice little concert for you! Unfortunately, it'll be at "oh my god it's early o'clock...someone shut those d%$$@^ dogs up!!"

Now now another thought to ponder....what is it going to sound like if the GSP client, Frank or whomever of the FB crew comes to socialize, Ell, Zoe, Sulley, Picasso, or Pongo (a Puli....hmmm....might have a reggae sound to it! ;o)) decide to lend a hand?????????


a corgi said...

if I was a houseguest, I would be thrilled to hear them (really) I bet it is neat to hear (once)



Sherilyn said...

LOL Yes, once is's the morning after morning at WAY too early that gets to us. We both cracked an eye, looked at each other and giggled the first time we heard them.