Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Letter from Boot Camp

Dear Mom and Dad,

Boy, am I ever having fun!! These days of all play with my buddies is great! Drill Sergeant Tammy is still insisting on those stupid forced marches to the highway, though. Man I hate those things!! But, I still do them to keep her happy. A happy drill sergeant means she can go bother someone else. See?? I'm learning!!

She says that I now have something called a waistline. I'm not sure what that is. She told me that it means that I'll be a lean, mean, showin' machine (my words, not hers). I also hear her talking about something called the Lakeshore Specialty. Wow!! Does that mean we get to go play in the water?!?! That would be SO much fun!! And we get to stay in a hotel!! I'll have to remember to tell the rest of the guys and girls that.

Anyway, I better run. Bobby made some comment about going back outside to chase the girls, and you know I'm all for that!!

Love to all,

Ransom aka Chunky Monkey

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