Monday, September 15, 2008

Cardi High Dive

We got home last night from the show in Rochester, and let all the kids out together in the back yard like always. Everyone has their own routine, and as the younger kids get older, their routines change off and on. Well, Emmy has this routine of racing around the yard, barking her fool head off, and doing her business wherever she lands. Now to spare you the graphic details, she'll do two of these three things at the same time in various get to figure that one out on your own!!

Anyway, getting back to last night, Emmy pulls a new stunt, and we pray it's not a new routine. Our patio is surrounded by railroad ties stacked on top of each other, to act as a kind of decorative retaining wall, as our patio is set into a small hill. Emmy and Dream love to climb on the ties and hop over the decorative fencing into the yard. Occasionally, they will both do their business on said ties, as they get too excited to make it into the yard. Oh I have to clean those stupid ties!! Oh...and they hunt for ground squirrels around the ties as those ties are havens for the little varmits, but I digress.

Emmy is on the highest point of the ties looking around and barking. Their wading pool is sitting in the middle of the patio and is quite full from all the rain we had over the past several days. I'm standing on the ties about three feet from where Emmy is, watching the others to make sure everything is going like clockwork, when I hear this huge SPLASH!! And I get wet!!!!! I look over and there is Emmy in the middle of the pool, looking extremely pleased with herself and dodging the waves that crested about a foot over her head, soaking everything in a 5 foot radius.

Next thing you know, she hops out of the pool and shakes herself off, in her imitation of an Olympic diver, and struts to the bark, no chirp, not a sound. I think she may have found a new profession...

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