Friday, September 5, 2008

One Upsmanship

Well, everyone knows that when Ransom was but a wee little thing, he liked to pee down the a/c vents in the house. Well, he has taught Bear well, and Bear has taken it to the next level. Wednesday, Bear and Ransom were playing like normal, and then all of a sudden, WHEW!!! What a smell!! I turn and look, and lo and behold, Bear had tried to crap down the a/c vent!!! And this wasn’t a small 12 week old puppy pile…This was the "I am my father’s son" baby elephant pile!! He didn’t hit the target (the vent), but he got the edge, and with the a/c fan running, there was quite a new aroma emanating from the dining room.

Such is life at lunchtime for me. I’m so lucky…

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