Monday, September 15, 2008

Rochester, MN

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride. That's Emmy's M.O. She garnered her 5th Reserve to the major this weekend in Rochester, MN. The Little Professional, as she's affectionately known, showed her little heart out, was the consummate professional, and was letter perfect. But, it wasn't enough. Garrett's little brindle girl, Ell, beat Emmy for Winner's Bitch. Both girls were pulled out together in a really tough Winner's class (There were 5 bitches entered this weekend who needed a major to finish). We heard after the fact from various sources that no one envied the task of picking a Winner's Bitch, as both girls looked fabulous. We gave Garrett a hearty congratulations and a fond "We'll get you next time". I love to win, but if I can't win, then I love to lose when the competition is as tough as it was this weekend. It brings out the best in all the handlers AND the dogs, and you could tell that was the case this weekend. Congrats to all the winners from the weekend!!

Ransom, Chunky Monkey to all who shows with us, was also in action this weekend, when he wasn't performing his now-famous imitation of roadkill in a crate (now THERE'S a redneck business opportunity for someone!! LOL). He won his class this weekend and is getting better by the show. This is another dog who loves to show and has a ball doing it. He is always happy and always hungry. He is now at Camp Riverun prepping for the Lakeshore Regional Specialty, playing with some of his Pem buddies, and spending quality time with his breeder mom, Tammy.

So, due to Ransom's absence from our house, the Adventures of Frick and Frack will be on hiatus until he returns in a couple of weeks. Unless, that is, Bear finds a willing accomplice to guest star in the highjinks. Right now, he's auditioning 3 candidates...Ruby, Dream, and Emmy. All three have been ably filling in as frapping replacements for Ransom. Wow....that does sound like a bad joke...How many Cardigans does it take to replace a frapping Pembroke? (If someone knows the answer to that mind bending question, please let me know)

A huge thanks to everyone for a great weekend, one of the best we've ever had at a dog show. The fun in the RV, watching movies, dodging Wiimotes and frapping puppies, drinking the wine and all of the WONDERFUL food...too good to mention. A HUGE shout out to Nick for allowing me to play hockey with him on his Xbox. We'll have to do that again sometime buddy!!

I do have to say that I didn't envy those staying in the RV Saturday night. After watching the puppies clean up spilled chili remnants and Moose eating everything else in sight, I didn't even want to be in the same county if that food fought back!! LOL

We will not be showing much at all for the rest of the year. We just completed 7 straight weekends of shows, and we need the time off to get the house back in order, and give Boo and Emmy a break. It looks like the next scheduled show will be the January St. Paul shows, in with Bear will debut with his siblings.

If you want to read about all the rest of the details from the weekend, tune into Cindy's's well worth the read!!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the great weekend and man I wish I had been able to get that darn major for you! But you are right, the competition was down right tough, especially when you get to the WB class and those two girls went head to head.

I've got Kim and Nick all excited to join us in the humbling experience of showing puppies in January, so watch out world. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for sales on our favorite wine! No not cranberry---that cheap ass stuff.

Hugs and happy frapping Bear!

Garrett808 said...

Emmy did look really good, and I was (and still am)shocked that Ell got the major! Emmy and Zoe have been shown much more and for longer (I've shown Zoe for a solid year and just in the past 2 months finally getting points on her) so was amazed, but happy, that Ell got it. It was just my weekend.....and just remember Emmy beat our butts in St Paul LAST year so now we are even ha ha ha!

was really great to see you guys and all food, laughs and discussions were always fun! See you in St Paul!