Friday, September 5, 2008

Frick and Frack

When we last left our heroes, Ransom had taught Bear how to pee down the a/c vent, and Bear added more substance to the feat. So, today’s, and last night’s adventure involved ear taping.

Last week, we started with duct tape on Bear’s ears and an e-collar. By morning, he had not removed the e-collar, but had still managed to untape an ear. We never did figure this one out. Segue to last night.

Bear gets his ears taped again, and again the e-collar comes out. He whined and complained about it, but was generally a good sport. Don’t bother taking him outside with the e-collar on...he won’t even stand up on his feet, let alone walk or do anything else he’s supposed to do. We put him to bed last night, and he just collapsed in his crate and wouldn’t even look at me. I’m sure he was just a little put out with us.

This morning, I took the e-collar off him to go out and eat breakfast. He seemed to be in better spirits and was running around and generally being his usual happy puppy self. Then, I had taken my breakfast to the office downstairs and was on my way back up to get my coffee when I see Ransom PULLING Bear across the living room floor by the bridge on his ears!!!! I call Ransom off, of course, and he leaves it alone for awhile…like 45 seconds, MAYBE. Then, he’s back at Bear’s ears, trying to untape them!!

You can’t tell me these dogs do not communicate...

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