Monday, September 8, 2008

Des Moines Dog Show

Wow...what a whirlwind week!! Between getting the dogs ready for the show weekend, cleaning house, purchasing all things BBQ, mowing the yard (that was done in the rain on Friday), showing on Labor Day (which made for a really short prep week), and gee...we had to work too?!?! It was crazy around here. That good thing was that everything came off without a hitch and a grand time was had by all at the BBQ.

Cindy and Meredith, Russ, Eddie, Frank, and Torch, came to stay with us for the weekend, and everyone had a ball. I think Meredith (aka Gigglepuss) spent more time on the ground getting pounced on by 10 dogs than she did on the furniture....not that it was much safer up there, as she found out later thanks to Emmy.

For those who do not know Emmy that well on her home turf (we call her the Little Professional at the shows), she has this stealth-pounce thing that she does, and you never know when she's going to break it out. Her M.O. is to act like she walking by you, and then jump (almost a levitation) right into the middle of your lap or chest, or whatever vital parts she can reach, and give you a huge slurp upside your face, nose, eyes, ears, head, you get the idea. Well, Meredith was her latest victim. The only thing that Emmy did differently was that she was running at Mach 10 when she pounced. She nailed poor Meredith in the chest with both front feet, and all you heard was, "OOOOOOOOOOOOF" as the air went out of her. It was rather cute, but I feel for Ms. M, as I have been there, done that.

Oh, I almost forgot show results!! The entrants were Phantom (in BOB), Emmy (in Open Bitches), and Ransom (6-9 Puppy Dogs) on Saturday, and then only Ransom on Sunday. All the kids showed well, acted like they were having a good time, and generally behaved themselves, other than Phantom wanting to play with puppy Russ....nothing like winding up an already spinning top LOL!! Emmy went on to win Winner's Bitch, and Ransom won his class both days. I want to compliment all of the exhibitors in both breeds, as they all really worked their tails (or bunny butts) off trying to get the points. It made for great competition on both days.

Next up is Rochester this coming weekend with the same three. Hope to see everyone there!!


coopercreek said...

Sounds like a great time. Congrats on the wins. Do you have to go back to work to get some rest?

Sherilyn said...

Thanks! And YES, we both had to come back to work bright and early on Monday, but no rest for the wicked! At least not here at Hy-Vee...they keep interrupting my naptime! hehe

We missed you this past weekend! Hope to see you soon!