Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top Dog

Phantom is the top dog in our house....of the boys. Duchess runs the house overall, and no one is willing to challenge her, which is probably very smart as she doesn't take crap from anyone.

Bear has been missing his partner in crime, Ransom, who is at Boot Camp Riverun for another week and a half. So, to amuse himself, Bear tries to get anyone he can to play with him, including Phantom.

Now, Boo isn't completely enamored with puppies. He is very tolerant of them, and will co-exist with them very well, as long as they give him his space. Usually, Phantom will growl and bully his way with the other dogs to get what he wants, and typically succeeds. He has that, "I'm the top dog, and don't you forget it" voice. But, there is a learning curve involved for the little ones. Dream and Emmy were pretty good about giving him space, and they loved to mess with Ruby anyway. Ransom had always been good, and Boo and Ransom have always had a special bond, so he is more tolerant of Ransom that he is with most everyone else.

Then there's Bear. Most of the time, Bear is in his face, lick, lick, lick, aw come on love me! So Boo growls and grumbles, and tries to get to where Bear can't get him. Usually it works. Recently, Boo has been more tolerant of Bear and we have spied them actually sleeping on the same pillow. Just don't let Boo know you've seen him...then he puts on his macho act and growls.

Well, yesterday, I'm home for lunch, and things are pretty subdued. Boo is sitting in the middle of the floor, and had been chewing a bone. He always watches me closely just to make sure that I didn't drop any food that he might eat. Next thing I know, Bear is under his chin, and licking his face. Boo just sits there, allowing his face washing, closes his eyes, and looks as if he's really enjoying himself. Then, he cracks one eye open, sees me watching, and the look on his faces changes to one of, "Oh wait....I'm not supposed to be enjoying the attention of this little guy". He lets out a very small gr, and walks away, leaving a very bewildered Bear in his wake.

Our boy is so macho...

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