Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Did THAT Come From!?!

Yesterday was a pretty typical day in the lives of the Winjammin' herd. A typical day is something like this: Out time in the morning, while we get ready for work, and then back in the crates until lunch, when I can get home and let them back out. Then, it's Frap time for about an hour at lunch, followed by more crate time, until after we get home from work. Then more Frapping and lap time until bed.

Ok, so like I said, it was pretty typical yesterday.....until lunch. The kids go outside to do their business, and then come back into the house after a little delay (10 minutes of herding Corgis back into the house by yours truly) to enjoy the nice crisp air. Once inside, that cool air must've really gotten into their noses. It was instant Frap!!! 4 of them (Dream, Emmy, Ransom, and Bear) were literally rolling in one big multicolored ball from one end of the living room to the other, yapping, growling, yipping, and making all manner of obnoxious noises. It was so bad that Duchess, Ruby, and Phantom ended up on the couch, just to get out of the way. Ransom turned himself into a little red comet and was literally bouncing off the back of the recliners to back onto the floor, with everyone else in hot pursuit. I broke out the listerine squirt bottle to try to restore some resemblance of order. Well, it worked, for the most part. They still played but it was a little more under control, thank goodness!!

Bear also had a vet appt in the late afternoon, and Ruby tagged along to keep him company. The good news was that Bear learned to walk very nicely on lead as long as he is next to one of the big kids. He was all kinds of proud of himself, and he got all kinds of oohs and ahhs on his way through Petsmart (to get to the vet's office, which is in the back of the store). This was a normal pup check, so he got a couple of pokes, prods, things up his butt, which he glared at the techs about, but that was it. He's the picture of health, according to the vet. While we were waiting for the vet to come into the room, he realized that there were other dogs in the rooms next to us. Bad news: he decided to bark. Boy, oh boy, did he ever find his voice!!!!!! Sherilyn and I were looking at each other, like, "Where did THAT come from?!?!" The poor vet tech who was documenting vitals at the time about jumped out of her skin. She literally jumped about 6 inches. She just looked at Bear with amazement in her eyes. Little boy has a BIG bark, oh yippee....another one.

Once he found out he could bark at everyone, he never shut up. On the way out, it was a rather large dog (read well over 100 lbs) that caught his attention, and that poor dog was even trying to figure out where the voice was coming from....cocking his head from side to side with the now famous, "I don't get it" look for Bear. Meanwhile Bear is just venting his spleen at this poor dog as we practically drag him into the parking lot to go home.

Once we get home, you think it was back to normal?? Heck no!!! He starts in again, this time on his pack. It was bad enough that even the other dogs walked away from him and literally gave him the paw. This included Ruby and Emmy, who are exceptional barkers themselves. Break out the listerine again, and peace descends back on the household for a typical end of the day.

Boy was he ever proud of himself!!


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh no...I sure hope that Shaker remains the quiet type. Well quiet unless he's hungry then look out!

Winjammin' said...

Yeah, hope that he takes after dad and is relatively quiet. Before yesterday, the main times that Bear had barked was when he had to go out, was hungry, or wanted me to chase him.

Cindy said...

Oops, me thinkest that gene resides in my house-sorry! Unfortunately I learned many moons ago, there is no volume knob.